Rita Hoofwijk and Felix Schellekens, participants of the 2017 Atelier Oerol trajectory, invited me to collaborate with them in co-creating the concept and scenography for their performance ‘Can’t Stop Motion’. An audience of 50 is split it two groups and asked, one by one, to perform a controlled 10 minute walk alongside a protected breeding area on the picturesque island of Terschelling. Based on the idea that the fundamental nature of reality is subject to constant movement and change, The installation can be read as a monumental clockwork, requiring both landscape and audience to function in an attempt to emphasize the experience of time and the present moment.

idea, research, concept, performance: Felix Schellekens & Rita Hoofwijk

concept, scenography, performance: Erik van de Wijdeven

Produced by: Atelier Oerol/Over ’t ij