Erik graduated in 2013 from Design Academy Eindhoven, department man & wellbeing. He commenced his studies in 2014 at the Performance department of the Theatre academy in Maastricht. Currently he resides in Amsterdam, working both as scenographer and performer of his own and others’ work.

His desires constitute (among others):

Mastering the confines of his quirky physique.

Writing poems and monologues of unprecedented and ethereal proportions.

Conjuring up choreographies of inimitable substance.

Crafting scenography’s of soul-caressing beauty.

Being an unmitigatedly silly actor, and truthful person.

And when he is grown up, he will inhabit, with his mildly eccentric wife and moderately deranged children, an imperfect, creaky wooden house with a voluminous fireplace, moist grass lawn, and several finely domesticated pigs who – due to their affectionate and harmonious nature – will be allowed free access into the household at all times. For Erik shamelessly believes pigs make terrific footbeds during the watching of saucy films. Furthermore, he thoroughly enjoys badly mixing his collection of cheesy disco vinyls, and riding his motorcycle. He prefers never saying commonplace things, and loves uncanny phenomena, dancing, and people who shine from the eyes.