A physical installation performance investigating themes of intimacy, identity and non-space. Situated between art-installation and theatrical performance, the audience is allowed to walk freely around the set, able to determine its own distance towards it. At a certain point the performers leave the ‘safety’ of the set and immerse themselves in the audience, further emphasizing their unconventional relationship with the spectators. The performance starts at sunset, and uses the decline of natural sunlight as its main lighting circumstance. after the sun sets the dimmed light source in the ceiling of the set draws the audience close for the final scene.

Concept: Sam Scheuermann

scenography: Erik van de Wijdeven (design) & Sam Scheuermann (concept)

performance: Koen van der Heijden, Kris hutten, Anna Bentivegna, Tim Bogaerts, Felix Schellekens, Timo Tembuyser, Erik van de Wijdeven

production: Festival Cement, VIAZUID

shown at: Festival Cement, ITS festival – 2017

images by Martina Fazekas